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Welcome to the Oregon Hunters Association

 Emerald Valley Chapter website!

The Emerald Valley chapter is a family-oriented organization that believes in the honored tradition of hunting in the great state of Oregon. Together with the state association, we support hunting in Eugene/Springfield and its surrounding areas through habitat and wildlife projects, hunter education, college scholarships, and creating community events and opportunities to sustain Oregon's hunting future.

Here in Lane county, we have the largest number of hunters of any county in the state. Members of the Emerald Valley OHA take great efforts to increase hunter access to private lands statewide, and along with the 25 other chapters statewide we have over 10,000 members making the Oregon Hunters Association the largest pro-hunting organization in the state. 

All chapters help to support the state OHA which provides a lobbyist  to the state legislature whose mission is to preserve and enhance hunters rights in Oregon, coordinate with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, and many other government and private organizations which influence hunting in Oregon.